Re-tooling in New Jersey, Game 1

NEW JERSEY 120 vs Milwaukee 106

As I’ve said before …

J-Kidd for Harris, Diop, plus two #1 draft picks – First thoughts

with his trade for Devin Harris (PG) – plus two (2) 1st Round Draft PicksRod Thorn (President/GM) has immediately re-stocked the cupboard for the Nets, while still giving this year’s team a terrific chance to qualify for the playoffs.

If healthy … (#8) New Jersey, (#7) Chicago & (#6) Washington are three mid-level teams in the Eastern Conference that would give (#1) Boston, (#2) Detroit & (#3) Cleveland very solid competition in the 1st Round of this year’s Playoffs … emphasizing, yet again, just how important it is, in the NBA, to have a solid GM at the top of a team’s management staff.

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2 Responses to “Re-tooling in New Jersey, Game 1”

  1. SiC (aka Smitch is COY) Says:

    With Big Ben gone from Chicago, I’m still looking for VC and Agent Zero to be gone from NJ, and Washington, respectively …

  2. khandor Says:

    I’m not sure exactly what your comment means, so before I respond to it … could you please explain it further?

    (e.g. since the trade deadline has already passed, what does VC & Agent 0 possibly leaving their respective teams, down-the-road, have to do with this year’s playoffs?)

    From my perspective … Chicago (w/o Ben Wallace), New Jersey (w/Devin Harris) and Washington (if Gilbert & Caron are both healthy, with the rest of their current roster in place) are going to be much tougher opponents for the top three teams in the Eastern Conference than many other astute NBA observers seem to think, at this point.

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