Distancing themselves from the (Eastern) pack

With player personnel moves like these …

Detroit – Ratliff leaves Wolves, heads to Detroit
Boston – Brown in town to lend depth & Clippers cut Cassell

the Celtics and the Pistons are continuing to tighten their strangle-hold on the Eastern Conference … intent on amassing enough (i) Offensive fire-power, (ii) Defensive strength, and (iii) Rebounding tenacity, to successsfully repel an all-out assault by the other in an effort to reach the NBA Finals this season.

With these three additions – arrived now or pending – each of these two rosters …


now has the goods to go the distance this spring!

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2 Responses to “Distancing themselves from the (Eastern) pack”

  1. SiC (aka Smitch is COY) Says:

    Wow, so ALL these teams loaded up on SIZE!!! (Not to mention ALL the WESTERN TEAMS, that are apparently pegged to go all the way).

    But, WAIT … I must be missing something, because apparently, SMALL BALL is the way to go! Just ask the reigning COY, Smitch!!!

  2. khandor Says:

    Not a fan of the reigning COY recipient, Sam Mitchell?

    Please, do tell the reason(s) for holding this opinion.

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