A new M.O. is (finally) etched in stone for the Raptors

According to head coach, Sam Mitchell – interviewed on Raptors TV (Tue Feb 26) – Jose Calderon is now expected to be the team’s starting Point Guard for the remainder of the season with TJ Ford in a new role, exclusively, as the leader of the team’s ‘2nd unit’ (i.e. without Chris Bosh on the floor).

This is a landmark decision, in the evolution of the Raptors franchise.

Since Calderon arrived from Spain, 3 seasons ago, this is the first time he has been identified, in this way, by his own head coach … although certain astute NBA obsevers have actually been calling for this move, since the early part of the 2005-2006 season. 🙂

Calderon is (at last!) being put into this specific role – as the team’s mainframe PG – which he should’ve had a long time ago, ahead of other erstwhile one-dimensional ‘starters’, Mike James and TJ Ford. 

In general, Calderon’s size, consistent decision-making skills, and Leadership attributes, make him ideally suited for this role with the Raptors … in sharp contrast to TJ Ford, whose lack of physical size, unique ‘little man’ skill set and occasionally erratic play severely hurt his chances of succeeding long term in this same role.

Kudos to Rob Babcock/former Raptors’ GM for bringing Calderon to the NBA, in the first place, and Sam Mitchell for finally seeing light!

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Top shelf PG’s, like El Matador, simply do not come along everyday, in the NBA.  

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7 Responses to “A new M.O. is (finally) etched in stone for the Raptors”

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  2. Smitch is COY Says:

    I wish we could do “lines” instead. Caldy, as PG of the slow-it-down, methodical, pick-and-roll-’em-til-they-drop line …
    PG Caldy
    SG Delfino
    SF Bargs
    PF CB4
    C Rasho

    with TJ, manning the run-and-gun-them-til-they-drop line with …
    PG TJ
    SG Kapono
    SF Moon
    PF Hump
    C Primo

  3. khandor Says:

    Smitch is COY,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Always a pleasure to hear back from others.

  4. daodao Says:

    I’d say trade Tj Ford to end the problem. This is not about who’s ego is hurting, they are being paid big bucks to win a game. TJ, you don’t have to prove that you are the best in the team, people who are watching the games will know for themselves if you are truly worthy to be back as a starter. With the rate you are going you are just ruining your career and your team. So sad my friend…. this is not the way to end your career . YOU SUCK!!!!

  5. khandor Says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    Interesting to read that so many Raptors’ fans think that Ford is somehow “doing this (ball-hogging) on purpose … with the intent of proving something to someone”.

    That’s not what I see happening with this young man.

    He is who he is … nothing more and nothing less … and, that’s not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing.

    He’s a very talented PG who is still learning his craft in the NBA.

    The problem is … as it is with EVERY smallish PG, who can score as well as Ford can, in the NBA (not just Ford) … is that EACH one of them does not belong on the floor as the main-frame PG for a team with legit designs on going the distance (to win the championship) in this league … CUZ IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN FOR THEIR TEAM.

    Smallish PG’s, in the NBA, like Ford (who can score) … either have to accept their role, i.e. as a meaningful BACK-UP player on a championship-calibre team, or find their own niche, as a ‘star’ player, on a lower level team without designs on ever winning the championship.

    The History of the NBA … says that there is no ‘Middle Ground’ to be found on this subject.

    Ford is who he is … and HE will have to make a choice … as to what HE wants to accomplish in the NBA.

    (e.g. Tiny Archibald was a terrific scoring smallish PG for a lot of mediocre to bad NBA teams, until the end of his career, when he moved to the great Celtics teams of the 80’s, as a back-up player, and finally won a championship; Kevin Porter, on the other hand, decided early-on in his NBA career that he wanted to fulfil a different sort of role on his championship-calibre teams and, as a result, had a different effect on those teams as a back-up PG.)

    He is not a bad person, nor doing these things to try and prove a point.

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