Eclipse of The Suns: An Update

The Pistons are quite possibly the absolute worst ‘match-up’ in the entire league for the current version of the Suns:

(with Phoenix using a basic ‘3 out/2 in’ offensive alignment) 

POS – Phoenix vs Detroit (individual match-up evaluation) 

PG – NASH vs Billups (this is now … Even)
OG – BELL vs Rip (Advantage, Det … +1)
SF – HILL vs Prince (Even)
PF – AMARE vs McDyess (Even)
C – SHAQ vs Sheed (Advantage, Det … +2)

Key Bench Players:
PG – STRAWBERRY vs Stuckey (Advantage, Det … +3)
G/F – BARBOSA vs Afflalo (Advantage, Pho … +1)
F – DIAW vs Hayes & Johnson, A (Even)
F/C – SKINNER & MARKS vs Maxiel (Advantage, Det … +4)

but … that said … when this type of total destruction happens, Detroit 116 @ Phoenix 86 (Feb 24, 2008) …

it’s an ominous sign of troubled times ahead for the good folks in the ‘Valley of the Sun’, who best get acquainted fast with the new reality of their team …

And so it begins … Mark that date (Feb 20, 2008) down, right now, on your calendar … 11 days hence … as the final day this season for the Suns to possess the ‘best record’ in the Western Conference … with the inevitable Eclipse of The Suns … now at-hand, for The (once proud & former) Fastest Gun Alive.

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