The 2nd Coming of Showtime

Q1. Just how good are these LA Lakers (v.2008)?

A1. Consider these raw numbers, right here:

Lakers @ Suns (Feb 20/08) … Boxscore, Full Play-By-Play

and the fact that:

* LA was in a back-to-back vs a rested PHO team
* LA was without Trevor Ariza (a key defensive stopper)
* LA was without Andrew Bynum (a Rebounding, Shot blocking, ‘Alley-Oop’ dunking menace)
* Kobe was playing with only 9 fully functioning digits

and, yet, still amassed 130 pts, in a regulation time victory!

Q2. Who is going to derail the Lake Show, v.2008?

A2. If Kobe’s (right) pinky co-operates … with Beethoven‘ (Bean), (Pau) ‘Picasso & ‘the Zen master‘ all on-board … No one.

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