Silver Fox strikes first

Fletcher denies Sundin talk

A prime example of exactly what’s needed, right now, by the the new (old?) Leafs’ GM … i.e. disregarding efforts to move Mats Sundin and, instead … focussing on their three other veteran players with ridiculous ‘no trade’ contracts, Bryan McCabe (D), Darcy Tucker (F) and Pavel Kubina (D).

Calling every GM in the league (except one?), regarding these ‘tier two’ players, accomplishes several goals, simultaneously:

1) Identifying the Leafs as ‘sellers’ in the current market
2) Clarifying their priorities (i.e. the need to shed ‘dead-weight’ contracts), and
3) Removing Mats Sundin from ‘active’ consideration (showing him the Respect he’s earned in Toronto) … unless, of course, other GM’s wish to initiate talks with Toronto about him.

It’s a game of high-stakes Poker, and … despite the fact he’s holding the weakest hand in the league … Fletcher’s got to make it seem as though he’s playing from a position of strength, not desperation.

With this type of shrewd ‘media-savvy’ response … Fletcher is sending a specific message to his colleagues …

There is now a competent hand stearing the rudder of this ship and it knows exactly what it needs to do – short and long term – to right itself and, then, set sail for open water.

Priority 1A” – JFJ is gone – has already been accomplished.

Priority 1” – the hiring of a full-time GM – will be accomplished this off-season, under Fletcher’s direction.

Priorities 2 & 2A” – shedding ‘bad contracts’ & replacing Paul Maurice – both need to be accomplished, either: (a) now, before the ‘trade deadline’, or (b) in the early period of the off-season.

By the way he’s starting out, in his 2nd go-round with Toronto, Leaf fans should, at least, feel comforted that the Silver Fox hasn’t lost his guile or his Poker Face.

8 days left to the ‘Trading Deadline’ … tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc …

Let the games begin! (in earnest) … with the Fox in the henhouse.

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