Legitimate Contenders in the NBA: Part III

Eastern Conference

1. Detroit Pistons, 32-13, 1st Central … An increasingly wizened squad last year has been skilfully augmented this go-round with an influx of talented neophytes, who fit in seamlessly with this former champion. Versatile & deep, they are eagerly awaiting whichever opponent comes their way in the Playoffs.

2. Boston Celtics, 38-9, 1st Atlantic … The ‘New Kids on the (Playoff) Block’ have returned in a major way … with a terrific blend of Defense, Offense & Rebounding … essential ingredients for ‘Spring-time’ NBA success. Much, much more than just ‘Kevin, Ray, Paul & Co.’, the C’s have a full compliment of harmonious players, intent on making beautiful music together this season. They will go as far as their young & talented Point Guard, Rajon Rondo, takes them.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers, 28-21, 2nd Central … In contrast to what many others believe, according to these eyes, the Cavs have improved their team this season by ‘standing pat’ and allowing this group of players to grow together. With the subtle addition of Devin Brown (a former champion with the Spurs) and continued maturation of Lebron James, arguably, the ‘best player on the planet’ (already), the Cavs will (again) be a tough out in the post-season. 

Crystal Balling:
At this point in the season, when healthy, there is very little separation between these three teams.

Let the games continueWhere Amazing Happens!

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