Super Bowl XLII: In Review


Did the better team win the game on Sunday?


When your team can (i) run the ball, (ii) stop the run, and (iii) rush the passer … amazing things can happen on a football field.

There were 5 crucial plays in this game which went the way of the New York Giants and, in large part, determined the eventual outcome:

4 featured outstanding deeds by individual members of the Giants …

1. Ahmad Bradshaw’s ‘fumble recovery’ … instead of a created turnover for New England;
2. Ahmad Bradshaw’s ‘batted ball’ … instead of a created turnover for New England;
3. Eli Manning’s ‘miracle sack escape’, on the game-winning drive;
4. David Tyree’s ‘miracle catch’ … holding on to the ball with one hand only, squeezed against the top of his helmut – despite a ‘valiant effort’ by Rodney Harrison to break-up the pivotal play – on the game-winning drive;

1 featured a vital ‘Opportunity Lost’ by an individual member of the Patriots …

1. Asante Samuel’s ‘failed interception’ attempt, that went right through his two hands, on the game-winning drive by New York.

In the end, the ‘Sporting Gods’ failed to smile on the Patriots, this day, handing them a cruel defeat … 1 play short of accomplishing their Dream … whilest staring into the grizzled face of ‘pro sports history’.

What a terrific ballgame!

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