When starting out a new venture, like this, working out the kinks can be somewhat confusing. Nevertheless, it’s important to make sure that there’s as much congruence as possible between anything which appears in this blog and the information I’ve put forth at:, and

With this in mind, a couple of “Housekeeping” matters need to be attended to, in the aftermath of NFL – Week 4.

NFL – GOTW selections are 5 units each

NFL – Free/Other Picks are 1 unit each, and do not
include Monday Night games

NFL – Monday Night games are 1 unit each
and are not included amongst GOTW selections
or the weekly Free/Other Picks

Free/Other Picks for Week 1 documented at neglected to include BUF +3.0 (W) and MIN -3.0 (W), two selections which were, in fact, released prior to kick-off that weekend.

As a result, current “records” should be as follows, at this point in the season:

Record: 4-0
Units: +20.0

Record: 8-3-1
Units: +4.7

Record: 1-1
Units: -0.2

For those referencing my selections at, please accept my apologies for any confusion these initial mix-ups may have caused.

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